A Short History
The San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival/Corners of the Mouth , came into being as a response to a call for art events from the San Luis Obispo County Arts Council. They were looking for “Fringe Events” other artistic endeavors to offer the annual Mozart Festival tourist.

The year was 1984 and Linnaea's Café would open in May. Corners of the Mouth would start in October, Linnaea asking after the success of the first festival “ Could you do this on a regular basis”, “ How about monthly – say the third Sunday of the Month” was our reply.

The first annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival , was held in July, of 1984 at Linnaea's Café, as were the next eight. Starting with the 10 th Annual SLO Poetry Festival, Kevin Patrick Sullivan co-founder and Artistic Director moved the Festival to November in order to work with Cal Poly University. He also linked the festival to the San Luis Obispo Literacy Council using their non profit umbrella he was able to apply for grants. Receiving grants from the City of San Luis Obispo Promotional Coordinating Committee and Poets & Writers Inc., the festival expanded to include such venues as the Performing Arts Center on the Cal Poly Campus and the SLO Library Community Room. Over the next five years the poetry festival raised over $5,000 for the Literacy Council.

Deciding to get their own non profit the San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival/Corners of the Mouth , joined the SLO County Arts Council's Affiliate Program and embarked upon that journey. It was during this time that Kevin Patrick Sullivan hooked up with Ray Tatar of the California Arts Council and expanded their funding to include the Organizational Support Program grants from the CAC. Expanding once again the festival now includes the SLO Art Center as a venue.

Finally on December 21 st 2001 we received our own 501(c){3}non profit status. We held that stautus for 11 years but as of January 1st, 2013 we are just a corperation. We still work with Poets & Writers Inc., Cal Poly University WriterSpeak and local businesses and other non profits.

Corners is at Linnaea's Café every third Sunday of the month and the Poetry Festival happens every November at the Performing Arts Center on the Cal Poly campus, the SLO Art Center, the Library Community Room and Linnaea's Café all in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA.